By participating in this program you are agreeing to following all rules set by Aloha Adventurers guild.

All participants must follow instructions of Aloha Adventurers Staff.

All participants will behave in a civil manner. Violence, disruptive behavior and foul language will not be tolerated.

You must let staff know if you have brought your own role-playing items and that all such items are subject to staff approval.

If you bring personal items you are responsible for them.

All Participants must follow the rules of the hosted venue whether that be a library or a convention.

The curriculum a participant experiences will be determined by experience level and will determined by answering a few questions. Participants are not allowed to decide which activity they can participate in. That determination is made by staff. This applies to participants of all ages. Parents are always welcome to sit with their children and work with the staff to make the program a good experience for them. However if parents want to participate they are subject to the above.

This is a teaching program while the program is designed to be fun it is primarily designed to teach participants how to role-play and participate in D&D adventures. This is not an ongoing campaign. Priority is to young adults, families with children under 13 and beginners.

If a DM makes a ruling you must abide by it. No arguing is allowed during a program. It is fine to ask the DM to explain things but arguing isn’t permitted during the game. After the program you can discuss with the DM to better shed light on the situation.

Aloha Adventurers guild has the right to refuse service.