Online Resources

Wizards of the Coast
Introduces DnD to new players. Official resource and website related to DnD.

Dungeon Masters Guild
Official source for Dungeon Masters.

D&D for Kids A module made for kids 4 to 6 that can help kids start DMing with other kids their age. Based on 4th edition rules but a great way for kids to learn the game.

DnD Adventurers League
Official DnD league offering materials and support running games.

DnD Beyond
Includes useful tools such as character generators

Alternate character sheets Alternate character sheets that organize things in a different way.

DnD Beyond Encounter Builder
Handy tool that allows you generate an encounter. A site on how to run the battle tactics for your monsters.

Gnome Stew A website that has articles on tabletop rpgs but also video games. They usually have handy advice such as on tabletop tokens full of articles and tools that you can use.

Hidden Heroes A 5th edition D&D RPG one shot with cute little forest animals as characters. Perfect for beginners and children just starting out.

Humblewood Basically D&D where you can play animal characters using 5th edition rules. An entire campaign setting rather than just a one shot.

Rolled & Told
Graphic novel style Adventure modules geared for Young Adults. Easy to pick up and play with. Also has handy articles for beginners and parents.

Unearthed Arcana
A set of experimental optional rules that are offered by Wizards of the Coast. These are generall new character classes or Class Paths. All of these add additional rules to allow for new options for players and DMs. Largely these add complexity and neat options for each class to allow for richer more nuanced characters. As always use under the DM’s discretion.

RPG Tool
Easy-to-use digital tool that can evolved from pen and paper.

Fast Character Maker
Very quick character maker for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

10 strategies D&D beginners need to know
Handy tips to help beginners play D&D.

5th Edition Rules/Reference
Open rules related to 5th edition. Players are suggested to refer to start with Player’s Handbook.

Tools for online virtual tabletop RPG play including Dungeons and Dragons.

Hero Forge
Order and customize your hero/miniature online.

Best tabletop RPGS of 2019
A list created by the folks at gamesradar on the best rpgs of 2019.