Aloha Adventurers Guild

Welcome to the Aloha Adventurers Guild. We are an Oahu based guild of Dungeons and Dragons players and Game Masters. Enter a world of exploration using your mind where anything can happen.    Interact with others to complete a quest, be it to save a Town, Slay a dragon or simply gain wealth and fame.    Our goal is to expand the minds of individuals, and help bring a sense of comradely though the world of Dungeons and Dragons.   We will instruct individuals in how the game mechanics work.  How to be both a player and a Games Master.

Designed for, but not limited to Beginners, all are welcome at the table.  Sessions will be broken down into sections.   For the first session, first will be very basic covering of the rules.  Followed by a description of the difference between what a player is and a Games master and how they work together to create a story.   Finally an adventure lead by one of our Experienced Game Masters will walk players though a short adventure. Second session will be character creation focused.

Our goal is to promote literacy through teaching Dungeons and Dragons and introducing people to the wonder of a vibrant fantasy setting. We have years of experience playing and hosting D&D games as well as demoing games in general. If you are interested in having us host or teach Dungeons and Dragons, please feel free to contact us.